Friday, April 29, 2016

A Discussion

Possum and Wendy had a talk the other day. I think the topic was political, although the cats recently discovered that they can't vote and had mixed reactions. Being practical, Toffee and Lion designated my husband and me as their proxies and moved on to focus on other interests, like flying and crawly bugs and the inadequate supply of them in this apartment. Harris pouted for a day before becoming philosophical. He figured that if a fabulous, important cat like him can't vote, it couldn't be worth doing. Wendy's opinion was inscrutable, as usual.

Possum had the strongest objection and protested for a few days, at all hours. But he simmered down when I told him that all Americans have to be 18 to vote. He pointed out that, at 6, he is more educated and better informed on political subjects than many American teenagers. I agreed but told him that it was the law, and he settled down to wait 12 years.

So I don't know what this discussion was about, but I could tell that Possum was annoyed while Wendy looked smug and self-righteous. She often looks like that when they are talking about the Tea Party but, as I've pointed out before, she thinks their whole agenda is to add a fourth meal (tea) to the national diet, and she is rarely interested for learning new information or testing her understanding through reading or study. I thought Possum had pretty much given up on enlightening her but he's an optimist and values education.

Their disagreement was not the thoughtful, respectful kind:

Paws were about to be raised when I asked them to behave like adults. "You don't want that!" replied Possum. Have you seen what that looks like lately?" He had a point. About  of this nation is crazy and most of the other half is cranky. It's hard to know what to say anymore, or how to say it without raising more hackles. But things still must be said.

In the end, Possum surrendered and gave me the "What can you do? It's hopeless...." look he often shoots me in regard to Wendy. Wendy continued to look smug. But I know he will try again.

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  1. It is nice to see that Possum still believes things so passionately.


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