Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Liberty Prints at Uniqlo

I continue to be in a flowery mood. Maybe it was all those window boxes we saw in Beacon Hill. 

The Liberty London partnership with Uniqlo means that we can all wear Liberty florals at affordable prices. The women's Liberty collection includes tops, dresses, shorts, and accessories, as I will show you. There are also a few men's linen shirts in various blue prints ($29.90). After all, in some ways, the '60s should never have ended for men as well as women:

There are Liberty prints for little girls and babies, too. How cute is this dress ($14.90)? 

Women's cotton-modal tunics are already on sale for $14.90, such a deal compared to prices at Liberty London and J. Crew for classic prints. Uniqlo calls these "tank tops" but they are A-line and much longer than they seem. If you are handy with a sewing machine you could have your way with it and give it a more traditional fit. This print is lovely in both colors:

There are lots of more traditional tees for women in classic prints and creative variations — like this one, featuring an enlarged detail of the print above: 

Uniqlo always has a line of "Relaco" rayon shorts, but now they come in Liberty London florals. too. I bought a couple of these but haven't worn them yet. These seem like they'll be great with a cotton tank for sleeping or lounging around the house in hot weather. They are soft, a nice length, and have pockets. They are $14.90 and come in lots of pretty prints:

There are two dress styles with built-in bras for $39.90. the top price point. I like the shorter version, with a gathered waist and full skirt. (There is also a less-forgiving calf-length dress.) Here's the Betsy print:

It's gorgeous in person, but a bit too cheerful for me. I'd go with this one, in navy and white:

There are also sleeveless tops with built-in bras ($19.90), a great idea for summer... unless you are like  the woman we spotted over the weekend. She was wearing a pretty tank top with a wide, low-cut back, which fully revealed her dingy old nude bra when she turned around. We always debate about why women make these choices: does she not care, does she think it's sexy, or does she just never look in the mirror or think about the rear view? My husband thinks it must be deliberate; I have no idea.

They make the top in different colors of the Betsy print:

There were also wristlets and canvas tote bags, at similarly nice prices, which sold out instantly (but may reappear at any time, only to get snapped up again). There are house slippers, too. Whatever stock is left will go on sale in a few weeks, so if you're interested, bookmark what you like and watch it. (I picked up two Ines de la Fressange jackets, which were originally $89.90, marked down to $19.90 recently. I'd thought they were of surprisingly nice quality at their original price.) 

If only Uniqlo made Liberty radios and Liberty scarves and Liberty pillows and dishes and bird houses and....


  1. I love Liberty prints....in fact I love everything they make. Many years ago I spent a semester in London and often walked from classes to my dorm which conveniently was near Liberty's of London. I literally stopped there almost daily, hardly ever to buy, just to wander around. Now I need to find one of these uniqlo shops....thank you thank you thank you!


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