Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Liberty Prints: In London and Elsewhere

I've always loved prints from Liberty London. I wore them, and similar florals often as a child in the '60s — as did my Barbie, Francie, Skipper, and Tutti dolls. My mother made dresses for me and used the scraps for doll clothes with teeny-tiny working buttons and zippers; I can't imagine how she did it. It has recently occurred to me that I peaked at being well-dressed around age 12; I'm working to get back there.

Liberty-branded clothing is expensive, and, hard to find in the U.S., aside from J. Crew, eBay, and vintage clothing stores. Until recently, my wardrobe has only included a beautiful Liberty voile blouse from J. Crew, which comes out with a small Liberty collection every spring.  Their current Liberty selection for women is very limited: mostly swimwear plus one or two ruffly shirts, like this Wiltshire print for $118:

You can also get matching flats, pretty cute (and probably pretty painful) for $138:

If you love to be matchy-matchy with your accessories, you could add this Roberts radio for Liberty London (£225 — you read that right; it's about $328).

Or, for £9.99 (about $13), you could just carry this Liberty Coloring Book around. I haven't jumped on the coloring bandwagon yet but this one would finally persuade me to invest in a set of markers:
It's certainly cheaper than a scarf. Here's a silk twill beauty in their famous Hera print, with peacock feathers, a design they've carried since the 1890s. It's £195 ($284). Someday I'll splurge on one of Hera print scarves, and I won't let moths get near it, as happened with my Liberty challis shawl, a gift from a very dear and very profligate friend back in the '90s:

Around Boston, at Party Favors and Portobello Road, you can buy paper plates and napkins for your next tea party in the popular Betsy print. Prices are in the vicinity of $10 or less:

 With what you saved on party supplies, you could take a trip to London and splurge on this Liberty "Bird Box." It's £69.95, or around $102:

But that same $102 will go a lot farther on Liberty print clothing at Uniqlo, my new favorite place to shop. Stay tuned for another flowery post very soon.

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  1. You could use the napkins to decoupage a bird house. It's just about the easiest craft there is. And using napkins is all the rage (at least, according to the latest email from Mod Podge).


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