Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Walk in Beacon Hill: Cedar Street Window Boxes

I took my husband for a walk along West Cedar Street in Beacon Hill over the weekend. It runs parallel to Charles Street and is mainly residential rather than commercial, so it's a good alternative for fast-walking locals who want to avoid getting stuck behind meandering tourists or double strollers or distracted by enticing shop windows.

Along West Cedar, we found other distractions. It looks like several neighboring townhouses are having a friendly horticultural  competition. Photographing their outstanding parlor window displays felt like shooting fish in a barrel. I worked quickly because it was past dinnertime and we were starving, but I took a few close-ups to show the pretty mix of colors and textures in many of the boxes.

What's up with those lotus pods? Someone covered them in grass seed? Or toasted coconut?

And one more, on a side street:

 Stay tuned for something else we saw on West Cedar Street.


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