Thursday, May 5, 2016

"I Am Pleased to Present the Victors . . .

". . . of the 782th Hunger Games," or whatever number they were up to by the end of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2. We watched it on an iPad the other night, a terrible idea. We watch a lot of movies and TV shows on an iPad but they usually have some dramatic merit to compensate for the small size of the screen. I went to some of the other Hunger Games movies mainly for special effects and mindless distraction. And I usually love to watch Jennifer Lawrence and What's-His-Name What's-His-Name What's-His-Name* but neither had anything worthwhile to do in this movie. The best supporting role went to the white streak in Julianne Moore's hair. I was relieved when Primrose's cat showed up in the last scene and Katniss stopped screaming at it long enough to realize it had stolen the entire movie from her.

The show over on our velvet chair was a thousand times better so I spent most of the time watching that:

*I can never remember Philip Seymour Hoffman's name, which is why I count myself lucky to have a friend who is a walking IMDB.

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  1. I'm generally content to call an actor 'what's his face,, the guy in that other show.. remember?'


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