Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Local Wildlife

Wild turkeys have been reported in Back Bay recently. I haven't seen any and I don't want to. But if I do, I will take photos. We saw several in Mount Auburn Cemetery on Sunday (stayed tuned for those photos) where they look ridiculous strutting around the monuments. They are ornery, sometimes threatening critters so we kept a safe distance.

We are more amused by all the bunnies inhabiting our neighborhood in recent years. Here's one defoliating a rose bush on Beacon Street. Oh, well. It's time to figure out what bunnies like to eat and grow that. A kale border, anyone?

There are always too many Canada geese on the Charles River Esplanade (among other recreation sites around Boston). Despite efforts to reduce the population by locating nests and doing mean things to the eggs, there are plenty of cute goslings growing up right now:

I just learned, from the link above, that geese can live for 20 years and each can produce 1.5 lbs. of droppings per day. No wonder it's everywhere on the Esplanade. I know I'm environmentally incorrect, but I can't help feeling glad when I see all those goslings. It delights me when animals manage to prevail over human in spite of our allegedly superior ways.

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  1. Goodness look at all of those goslings! and impressive to see a wild bunny in town Boston. I never see them.. although i will admit, I spend very little time outside.


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