Sunday, May 8, 2016

Recent Adorableness, and Other Stuff

My husband took this one. I would have taken it, too, had I been awake. We could use a second sofa.

* * *
I'm enjoying this chilly May weather. It can keep up until August as far as I'm concerned. And then I'll permit a few weeks of 70-degree temperatures, and then I wouldn't mind if it snowed as soon as the leaves begin to turn. I see people wearing little besides shorts and tees but they never look happy. I'm still wearing my super-lightweight down jacket from Uniqlo and loving it. I'm still wearing turtlenecks, boots, and wool socks.

In other news, my husband figured out how to connect his iPad to our TV so, when our wifi behaves (and it often doesn't), we can now watch movies on our big, fat 32" TV instead the tiny iPad screen. I doubt that anything would have improved my opinion of the last Hunger Games movie but it made the car, helicopter, boat, plane, and foot chases in the latest James Bond movie much more fun.


  1. Actually, you might have taken a photo of those two cats on that sofa, but it would have been rather orange-y if you had taken it ;)


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