Friday, May 6, 2016

Seeing Eye to Eye, and Nose to Nose

I witnessed another political debate on the sofa the other night. (I'm not sure why all my sofa photos look dark orange these days. I'm doing my best to color-correct them but they still have that aging Kodachrome vibe. Maybe it's time I got a camera to replace my iPhone.)

Possum has surprisingly well-thought opinions for someone aged 6. I'm not saying he gets his facts straight, but he tries, at least, and he works out his ideas as sensibly as he can, examining different angles and points of view. Lion, on the other hand, sees almost every issue in black and white. I tell Possum that Lion can't help it, it's just how he is. But Possum disagrees. He feels it's necessary to inform and educate him. 

This is how he does it. First, he yells very close to Lion's little pointy ears. 

If that doesn't work, he engages even more personally:

Lion's foot-in-the-armpit move works pretty well:

Until it doesn't:

Lion's paw-on-the-face technique is another debating tactic he learned from Possum:

I'm not sure what they were discussing but it might have been Bernie Sanders. Possum thinks that, if there is a revolution, cats will be able to vote at any age. (He thinks he has to wait until he's 18 to vote now. Please don't tell him the truth.) So he wants everyone to support Sanders. But Lion is a Clinton pragmatist; Socks Clinton was a black-and-white cat, after all. And maybe Hillary and Bill will want another black-and-white cat in the White House....

Possum thinks it's time a Norwegian was in the White House:

Here Lion is using another tactic of Possum's — making his nose grow scary-long and possum-y:

And it worked: as you can see below, Possum is thinking, "Whoa, weirdo dude with the nose!" I'm not messing with that. I think I'll send him some Robert Reich essays he can read at his convenience."

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  1. Lion! I thought I taught you better than that.. *hangs head*


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