Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Visit to Mount Auburn Cemetery: Part 2, Flora

There's always plenty to admire and discover at Mount Auburn Cemetery. All four seasons are beautiful there. Here's what we saw after we left Bigelow Chapel.

Obelisks look best against the backdrop of a dark and massive beech tree:

This is a typical footpath; they all have botanical names displayed on picturesque markers. Monuments are close together but never as densely as those of European cemeteries, like Pere Lachaise:

A few trees, like chestnuts, were blooming. Here, more petals have fallen than are on the tree:

Mount Auburn's little ponds are probably the loveliest spots in the cemetery. There are always people on the benches that take advantage of the best water views.

What a dramatic backdrop for those monuments. It looks like someone made a little opening, so maybe gnomes live in there:

Looking across the roof of a mausoleum to a  magnificent chestnut:

Big fat hydrangea — a nosegay on every stem:

A redwood wandered in from the Left Coast:

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