Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Visit to Mount Auburn Cemetery: Part 3, Fauna

Mount Auburn Cemetery attracts many birdwatchers. You don't need binoculars to see this species:

There were six in that flock. These big, ornery birds seem so out of place in an urban environment — crossing lanes of traffic, sitting on someone's porch or next to a mailbox, parading around tombstones or hospital grounds. We keep our distance.

We don't come across this dog very often on our walks but we like to see him. I'm sure there's a story about him. There are a few other dog sculptures, but no cats as far as I know:

Probably all the cat as we can get here — the Union Monument, a sphinx commemorating Civil War heroes:

"Look, a rat!" I said. "It's a lamb," said my husband. "It's a rat to me. It's rat-sized. Look at its snout and its skinny feet." "Lamb!" "Rat!"

I like rats. This is a religious one, named Edwin. Something bad happened to his ears and his tail but he's made peace with it:

Speaking of rodents, the chipmunks were busy everywhere. Who paints their racing stripes?

Not a creature but an urn...

 Until you see it from the other side and realize that it's a ghost:

I can't decide if I'd like a ghost, a cat, or a distraught angel on my tombstone. Or do you have a better idea for yours? I think my epitaph should say, "She finally bought real estate and moved in."

It strikes me that it would be a lot nicer to be laid to rest under the sky and among trees than to be shut into a grim cement box in Bigelow Chapel, where chipmunks and turkeys can't roam. Not that I'd ever know the difference. . . or would I?  


  1. "She finally bought real estate and moved in."

    VERY funny line.

    It would be an incredibly beautiful neighborhood...

  2. Did the urn/ghost have an inscription? Such a fascinating choice..

    And that is a pretty fitting epitaph... although the and should be underlined ;)

    1. I don't remember anything unusual. Draped urns are pretty common and look different from different angles, but they usually don't look like ghosts. I added italics to my epitaph. How would I do that after I'm gone?

    2. I think you should do a tour of Nisky Hill, too... and the Hope Cemetery in Barre. Very interesting place.


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