Saturday, June 11, 2016

Kittenpalooza: Parzival

Last week we drove to Maine to visit Connie's latest crop of kittens, three males and three females. She said they needed socializing and contact with strangers but, as you can see, they did not. They played with us, crawled all over us, purred like mad, and enjoyed being petted and fussed over.

In short, Connie has done it again. She "makes" the best kittens via her loving care and socializing skills. She has also honed her kitten-photography skills, as you'll see if you go to her blog, Tails of the Foster Kittens, where there are lots of great photos and stories about the six of them and their mother, who is already at the shelter. So far, only the kitten, Samantha, is spoken for. She will be adopted by someone who saw her on the blog.

I took well over a hundred shots of the kittens and deleted most of them immediately because they were blurry messes. These are active kittens and my iPhone camera did not serve me well. I guess I need Connie's patience and skill (and having a good SLR wouldn't hurt, either).

I would have posted my photos sooner but we are so taken with Parzival,, a medium-haired tabby with big ears and a winning expression that I didn't want to spend all that time looking at him until I had my head back on straight. Five is enough. Even now, I'm caving again....

If you know anyone who is looking for sweet, friendly, confident kittens, send them to Connie.

Without further ado, scads of kittens photos here and in the next few posts. It's not my fault if most of them are of Parzival. Even my husband, formerly known as The Voice of Reason, finds him dangerously irresistible:

When Parzival was born, the fur on the back half  of his body was oddly silvery, or "frosted," and there are still signs of it, especially from certain angles. I think it might be an undercoat, and that darker and longer tabby guard hairs are now growing in.

Here he is in a basket, unaware that one of his three tabby siblings about to pounce:

Besides Parzival, are two pretty black kittens: Evelyn (shorthaired and silky) and Samantha (a longhaired ball of fluff). There are two mackerel tabby males (Daito and Shoto) that I can't tell apart, and a classic tabby female (Aech, pronounced "H"). All adorable and all planning to become gorgeous adults.

But this is Parzival's solo post. Check out his airplane ears:

I really need to stop thinking about him.



  1. you really need to find a house before Sunday ;)

  2. C'Mon. You know in your heart and mind you have already adopted him. Who can resist that adorable face?


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