Saturday, June 11, 2016

Kittenpalooze: Kittens Who Aren't Parzival

Here are the rest of my kitten photos, featuring the other kitttens, who are every bit as nice as Parzival. In fact, Connie thinks the other five are all more sociable with people than he is. (My husband and I thought they were all equally friendly and fun.)

In this photo, the two pin-striped "mackerel" tabbies are Shoto and Daito. The black kitten is Samantha, and the classic tabby at the bottom is Aech:

The kittens have a great time climbing up that ramp and sliding back down. Unfortunately all of my photos of this desperate maneuver were blurry.

Just look at this face:

Just look at this backside:

And check out that tiny foot:

This black shorthair is Evelyn. Black cats can be tough to photograph, but in person their coats often shimmer with a glossy sheen that no other, more colorful coat can rival. Some black cats practically sparkle. I consider black cats magical for this reason alone.

Here's proof that these kittens are super friendly. (I can assure you that this man does not smell like catnip or food.) Connie gets to have fun like this all the time:

If you know anyone in the market for a kitten — or ideally, two kittens, since everyone should have a friend of their own species to play with and discuss politics — send them to Connie's blog, Tails from the Foster Kittens.  And hurry: these kittens will be going up for adoption very soon.


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  1. My first time visiting your blog, and I must agree about black cats...their fur is amazing! These kittens are so cute; I've offered to live full-time in the kitten room...hehehe


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