Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Postcards from Maine: Car Candy

We are back from Bethlehem and Brooklyn and — as you are my witness — I will never overpack like that again. I wasn't sure what to wear to the wedding so I brought three options and all the necessary shoes and so on, and any one of them would have been fine. It all fit into my usual travel bag (plus a big tote for my laptop and some overflow, like my Dad's birthday presents and car snacks) but I need to do better than that. As I unpacked last night, for the second time in a week, I looked at the last few items lying on the bed and realized that they would have been enough (along with a dress) to carry me through all four days. 

I am about to inundate you with postcards of Maine sunsets, lupines, park scenes, popovers, and so on, but first let's see some cars.

A collector of sports cars lives down the street from our inn. He stores them all in a garage somewhere in town, and but drives a different one nearly every day, so we are treated to a changing display of car candy (always "mint," hee hee) on the long strip of driveway in front of his house. It's always a treat to see what's out there as we walk back and forth to town for dinner and groceries. 

There is usually a vintage Porsche, like this one:

Note how the back seat is filled with a set of leather luggage that matches the saddle interior:

Here's a Spyder, very early, judging from the tiny taillights and that red Pegasus logo that was also Mobil Oil's trademark:

I was somewhat staggered to find this one evening:

It's a new McLaren. My husband is far less excitable over sports cars than I but he was impressed with this one:

 I mean, it looks like it can fly!

The owner saw me exclaiming over the car, and came outside and we introduced ourselves. We bonded over our mutual admiration for the car and he kindly showed us the interior:


And now for some lupines and sunsets and popovers, I promise!


  1. I love the lupines... and the fancy cars.
    I know exactly what you mean about over-packing. It is so easy to do when the suitcase is just going in the car... too tempting to bring too much.

  2. Did he offer to take you for a ride in it? and I'm pretty sure that McLaren does actually fly ;)

  3. My youngest son absolutely loved the McLaren when he as very young. My mother bought him a $50 model that was labeled "not a toy". He opened it and played with it. It's still in excellent shape 5+ years later. On his 14th birthday, he requested dinner at an expensive restaurant over having a birthday gathering with his friends. We parked our 10 year old Pruis next to a McLaren. He was thrilled to get a picture with it. He said it was the best birthday.


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