Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Postcards from Maine: Lupines

Seeing the lupines was our excuse for our first trip to Maine in the month of June. We'd always visited in August and October, so we'd never seen them; we didn't realize what a dramatic impact they have on the landscape. But our innkeeper friend Fred told us we ought to come up earlier in the summer to see them — and also enjoy Acadia National Park when it's less crowded. 

When we're smart, we listen to Fred and do what he tells us. Thus, lupines, including these, which are growing wild with other flowers along the parking lot of the SW Harbor dock. Pretty spectacular "landscaping" for a parking lot, I'd say:

There are whole fields of them:

They're mostly purply-blue, but some are pink, or white, or blue and white.

They improve every landscape photo:

When they are finished blooming, they shrivel up and one would never know they existed. But midsummer fields of grasses, buttercups, and clover seem boring after you've seen them filled with lupines.

I don't remember these deep pink ones looking this saturated but the rest of the colors look right, so it's possible. I showed Fred a White Flower Farm catalog that sells red and yellow lupines along with the three standard colors. Maybe he'll decide to get some. They would probably be the first reds and yellows on the island.

There are only so many ways to photograph a lupine. Here's a shot looking straight down:

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  1. My neighbor planted some and I fear they are going to take over the neighborhood in a few years.. not that this is a bad thing, but they are invasive..


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