Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Postcards in Maine: By the Water

In the summer, Southwest Harbor fills with pleasure craft, but it is primarily a working harbor for fishermen, lobstermen, the Coast Guard, and boat builders. There are also ferries to the Cranberry Islands:

I did not see an intense pink sunset on this trip but I was still happy with those I did see, especially framed by lupines:

I spent most of the trip enjoying this manmade body of water. By a few days into our visit, the innkeepers had heated to my liking, about 85 degrees:

In spite of my husband having a chronic headache for most of our trip (gone now, thank goodness), we went to the park and did park things, like sitting on the rocks along the Park Loop Road between Sand Beach and Otter Cliffs:

My husband has been doing this since he was about four. He and his older brother named a couple of these rock piles the Bat Cave and the Floyd Cave and we still visit them. He even has a souvenir scar on his head from taking a tumble here in the '60s.

We always walk to the historic Claremont Hotel to take in the water views from their wooden dock:

More water views are coming, but in the contexts of popovers and gardens.


  1. one of these days I will have a house by some water..

  2. Gorgeous...especially the blue toenails! LOL! Wasn't the Claremonte Hotel on one of the ghost-busting TV shows?


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