Saturday, June 4, 2016

Thinking Pink

I've been busy with volunteer projects and am behind on my posts. There are a few interesting things I'd like to tell you about, from my surprise tour of a Sabine-related location about a month ago to the half-dozen kittens we visited yesterday.

But it's Saturday night and I'd rather just go for a sunset walk along the Charles. We've missed some spectacular sunsets and were over there during a number of lackluster ones with almost no color or drama at all. Here are some photos from the best one we've seen so far.

But first, look at these pink lupines, which are in bloom on the Esplanade:

The lupines around Boston are cultivated. If they are in bloom, then the wild lupines on Mount Desert Island must be blooming, too. And that means it's about time for our annual June visit.

We'll be driving up in a week or so. It's been ten months since we were there and it feels like an eternity. I am eager t to see our friends, family, and favorite spots around the island. But mostly we plan to hang around by the hot tub as usual. (Not to forget the carrot cake at Gott's Store, which I've been pining for since August.)

I'm looking forward to pink sunsets down by the dock but, in the meantime, here's one from across the lagoon, looking towards downtown:

And here's what East Cambridge looked like that night:


  1. Beautiful shots, as usual. I look forward to the ones from Mt. Desert, too.

  2. Lovely photos. I had to comment as I love lupines. I am from Texas and our state flower is the bluebonnet, which must be a lupine variety(I have never seen any as tall as the one in the photo and is, of I always thought they were only in Texas until I took a trip to Montana and saw them blooming wild in the mountains. Linda M.


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