Friday, July 15, 2016

A Favorite Photo

This is one of those iPhone photos that surprised us with its pleasing, grainy quality and filtered color. My husband took this arty pose of Harris during one of their frequent mutual admiration sessions, where they get together to admire Harris.  

Have a great weekend — stay cool!  I plan to stay inside as much as possible and continue culling clothes from my closet in hopes that Second Time Around will consign them on Monday. I dread taking things there, imagining them laughing me out of the store as they reject my pathetic rags. I have friends who also go through this, which helps to know, but then they have much better clothing than I do. I keep reminding myself that the people I've encountered there have usually been tactful and nice, and that I have a decent record so far.

I'm still digging my way through my pile of old New Yorkers, aghast that I'm still about 30 issues behind, groaning every week when a new one arrives. It didn't help that there were two long, thoughtful articles in the October 19 issue, which took me almost a week of bedtime reading to finish and digest. One was about what a misguided, misanthropic . . . jerk Henry David Thoreau was, and the other was about Gloria Steinem, a person of tremendous grace and understanding, and an inspiration for all. For about four nights my husband had to listen to me exclaiming about what an ass HDT was. I mean, I always suspected it but now I know.  I managed to be quieter about Gloria.

I have a tall pile of library books sitting and waiting patiently, but it's going to be awhile before I can crack any of them. One is about how restaurants design menus and price items to subtly lure us into ordering just what they want us to order. Food, psychology, advertising, and graphic design are all part of the game, and that's my kind of game for sure. I can't wait to read it and. if I ever do, I'll tell you about it.


  1. The restaurant one will be very interesting, I've seen a few articles on it and it amazes me how easy it is to manipulate people.

  2. I have a huge library book list, and I'm desperately trying to get through what I've already checked out before they are overdue! Love the photo of Harris!


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