Friday, July 8, 2016

An Evening Walk

Today we had Maine weather — almost chilly and breezy. I was shivering in my shorts and I loved it. It's been so hot and humid lately that I've stayed inside most of the day. I try to do errands early in the morning and we usually take a long walk around sunset.

Here are a few favorite local sights beyond the Esplanade.

I love the Public Garden in summer twilight. As the lamps come on, the sky shades to purple and everything green turns greener. (I love it even more in winter, at sunset, when there's a fresh snowfall and the shrubs along the bridge path have their Christmas lights.)

We often walk home on Newbury Street. I always check out the Chanel windows; there's usually an outfit or two that I admire. I also like the mannequins because they seem intelligent and somewhat melancholy. Their eyes have an appraising, sidelong gaze instead of the usual vacant stare. They look  as if they'd rather do something more interesting than modeling in a Boston shop window. Maybe they'd like to be Bond girls. Currently they are wearing Angelina Jolie wigs and black lace from neck to toe.

The newly renovated Johnson building of the Central Branch of the Boston Public Library opens officially tomorrow. Built in 1972 in a god-awful modern (Brutalist, I'd say) style, it looked like a Soviet painter's interpretation of drabness. Improvements have been desperately needed since about 1972. Excited as I am, I will probably avoid tomorrow's crowds (unless I hear there's cake). 

The library's 1896 McKim building can't be improved upon. The courtyard is a tranquil spot to cool off and read on a hot summer evening:

The former Prince School (now condos and shops) on Newbury Street by Exeter has several gorgeous, scented rose bushes:

Lit by street lamps, the roses glow, competing with the store displays on the lower floors of the old school building. Chanel mannequins aside, they are the prettiest things on the street.

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