Sunday, July 24, 2016

As It Was Written

Here's a little collection of photos taken over the past year or so:

This car's owner (old enough to know better) was nearby as I snapped this, in Concord.
He asked with enthusiasm if I was into Ayn Rand, Rush, or both. Clearly wanted to talk.
Didn't pick up on the fact that I was horrified.
I replied vaguely but with similar enthusiasm, and quickly walked away. 

I have a new great-nephew, the first newborn in our family since ME. 
Shopping for baby stuff is a new world for me, and a blast. 
This onesie from Gifted was too hipster to make the cut but made me laugh.

We bought this one. The little guy isn't even four months old and is already
better dressed than I ever was or will be. His outfits feature coordinating bandanas, 
and colorful handmade booties and caps his mother sews and sells.

I consider these two of the greatest words in the English language.
But when you find them on a sticky, all alone on a granite wall, 
the effect is devastating. Where did they go? Why aren't they here??

A salon in the North End. I'd like to have a Walken closet someday.

A sign I saw in Brimfield a while ago. Shoulda bought it for my liver doctor. Truth.


  1. Christopher Walken is one of my favorites!

  2. Maybe that sticky was a sign you should have gone and gotten a cupcake..

    and you so totally should have gotten that sign for your liver doctor!!


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