Monday, July 25, 2016

Current Craving: Raspberry Bursts

The Powers That Be are messing around with the grocery aisles at the Star Market at the Prudential, again, so we Back Bay residents are facing weeks of frustration and forced socializing, just as we endured exactly two years ago. I can't believe they are putting us through that again, just when I finally figured out where they had been hiding the salsa. And now the risotto is probably next to the toothpaste again. 

Thank god the bakery hasn't moved. That's the only place I really have to go.

Sometimes in the afternoon, the bakery staff will put an open tub of cookies on the counter for customers to help themselves. A couple of months ago, I took what I thought was a boring, hard sugar cookie and found that it was soft and filled in the center with dense raspberry jam, or maybe pie filling. The sweet-and-tangy combination was surprisingly perfect; it begged for a glass of cold milk back at my place. But there weren't any more of those cookies for sale in the store. 

So I went back a couple of days later (okay, it might have been the very next day), with no luck. And I kept going back. I also tried the markets in Chestnut Hill, Cambridge, Watertown, and Brookline. That cookie was even worth pilgrimages to stores where I am perpetually lost. I asked the staff about them at every bakery. Everyone knew what I meant; I learned they are called Raspberry Bursts. But nobody had any. 

About a month later, a few boxes finally turned up at my local Star and I snatched one and raced it to the register:

They were just as delicious as I remembered and well worth the hunt. They are many times better than the oatmeal-raisin cookies with big drips of vanilla icing, and the chocolate-dipped chocolate chip ones are always available in the little raffa-tied boxes. In the interest of empirical research,  tried them both while I was waiting for Raspberry Bursts to materialize. I don't need to tell you how I feel about chocolate, or icing, but those cookies taste store-bought, while the raspberry ones taste homemade.

There are eight cookies per box. It is possible to limit yourself to one cookie at a time, but feels so unsatisfying and stingy — why bother? Eat two, at least. Make someone else eat some, too. Besides their elusiveness, the only downside of these cookies is that they only stay at peak freshness for a couple of days, even if you transfer them to a zip-lock bag. Therefore you should eat them fast. Poor you . . . I suggest you consider it a challenge, as I do.

I humbly request that, if you are shopping at the Prudential Star, please don't take the last box. Please, please leave it for me. I will be there.

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  1. You could try freezing them to make them last longer than a couple of days.. (and I bet they would be yummy frozen


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