Sunday, July 10, 2016

Delivery Day

I order about 15 cases of cat food every four to five weeks. I wish we had room to make and freeze a homemade raw diet. I wish we had space to store a commercial frozen raw diet. We don't: our tiny kitchen is a joke and our freezer is the punchline. So I do the next best thing and buy the best canned food I can afford, which I special-order from our local pet store, Fish + Bone. (We never feed dry food; no one should. And I should feed raw food at least sometimes but I've gotten lazy. Wendy is right: I am Evil Mommy. I will try to do better but it will make no difference to Wendy.)

I choose the cats' food from among the grain-free, low-carb, low-starch options recommended on Liz Eastman's list at The Natural Cat Care Blog. This is the best list I've found; researching cat foods is an exhausting, confusing task and I'm grateful she's done it. While no commercial diet is 100% perfect, the foods on her list have the most nutritious, natural, and safe ingredients. They also come in BPA-free cans from safe (USA) sources and manufacturing sites.

Our food is always delivered early on a Thursday morning. When it arrives, I scramble to get it out of its cardboard and plastic packing so I can put all that in the alley before the trash and recycling trucks arrive.

Possum, Harris, and Toffee soon arrive to inspect everything and supervise me as I unpack and restock the cabinets. Lion often appears but he's less of a nuisance presence than the other boys. Wendy, of course, keeps a safe distance while hating me.

Possum stands guard over the stock. He also issues orders to me — short, sharp meows are meant to command my attention, obedience, and unswerving loyalty. (Which he gets, despite the fact that he spends way too much time sitting on my husband and adoring him. Since I chose Possum as a kitten while my husband wanted his two-eared sister, it's unfair — as I point out daily. I even wrote a book about it: for said husband's last birthday, I made a big, thick Apple hardcover photo book entitled, The Year You Stole My Cat. It was packed with documentary evidence.)

Anyway, Possum is still my cat and he can boss me around:

Harris loves to investigate stuff, especially hazardous items like scissors, and plastic, which he wants to lick.

Toffee went into the cabinet and refused to come out. Restocking takes longer when there's a cat occupying all the space. He was happy in there.

Possum is in charge, though, and must have said something to him:

The restocking proceeded. My work was approved, and we are all set for another five weeks.


  1. I bet the local animal shelter or rescue will gladly take the cardboard trays to use as litter trays and beds and chew toys for the rabbits and other small anmals as well as beds for the cats. What cat can't resist a cardboard tray or box? 'm not sure if the MSPCA shelter in JP still accepts cardboard boxes and trays. I know they used to. You can check their wish list at

    Have you tried the Pride by Instinct canned foods? My cats love those as well as the regular NV Instinct even though they only get canend food as a snack (they eat raw).

  2. Putting away the food is highly important work, and you need to be snoperv.. I mean supervised to make sure you do it right..

  3. "Restocking takes longer when there's a cat occupying all the space." LOL, yeah, too true! May I mention that has great prices on cat food? I know they aren't local, but just thought I'd mention it. Your kitties are adorable!

    1. Thank you for you letting me know! I enjoy all of your comments — thanks! I will look into Chewy's; I recently did some math at another online food shop and discovered that local was actually cheaper, since they give me a 10% discount on cases. While I like buying local, the benefit for me is that I don't have to wait around for delivery. I'd otherwise have to stay home all day (although stuff usually shows up at about 7 pm!) or risk having hundreds of dollars' worth of food sitting on my doorstep in downtown Boston. But food is SO expensive and maybe I can get a few cases of the priciest stuff on Chewy's and even add some variety. Thanks again!

  4. Saw this just now and thought of your search!

    1. Oh, yes! I spotted that yesterday and mentally drooled all over it! Wonderful wood! Gorgeous high ceilings! And way too much house... it makes me happy to know there are still some beauties out there. Thanks!


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