Tuesday, July 5, 2016


We decided we were too socially awkward to go to the 4th of July roof-deck party when it began before sunset because we don't know very many of the guests and couldn't see ourselves making small talk for so many hours until the fireworks at 10:30. So we missed a great sunset. But there will be others, just not from an unobstructed view ten stories above the Charles River.

When we did finally get to the roof, we enjoyed the city views and were able to make acceptable small talk. Because there were cat people there among the MIT science and Berklee jazz folks. And everyone was too busy taking photos and drinking to chat at length anyhow.

Here are some photos from the roof deck, taken with my iPhone and my less-than-steady hands. It's time I had a decent camera again, as you can see:

The Charles River is to the left in the darkness. The yellow-lit street on the left is Beacon Street; 
the one on the right is the alley between Beacon and Marlborough Streets. In the distance is Cambridge and the Zakim Bridge to the left and downtown Boston on the right.

Back Bay rooftops and  then the highrises along Boylston Street and beyond.

The MIT Bridge over the Charles, closed to traffic, and a blurry view of Cambridgeport.

Then things got colorful and loud.

In addition to the fireworks shot from the big barge in the river, there were competing  
(and, to me, extraneous and distracting) fireworks displays on the bridge. 
I love fireworks but I don't need a double dose. Maybe we are expected to have very 
short attention spans these days. 

Here the bridge fireworks overwhelmed the barge fireworks. 

Eventually the bridge fireworks petered out but there was still lots to see.

It was a long and satisfying show.

The bright spots towards the bottom are "booms."

After the show, we said our goodbyes and were home in five minutes. The cats were all in hiding. We had closed the windows and left the air conditioner blasting, hoping its roar would dull some of the explosions. No such luck. We tried to persuade everyone to come out. I offered treats. Possum and Harris appeared from under the sofa. Possum was hungry as usual. He is about to turn 7, so he has been through this a few times. Harris skulked about low to the ground looking fearful and annoyed, and quickly retreated back under the sofa. By breakfast, things were back to normal.


  1. You got great shots on your phone. there was too much ambient light where we were to get anything pretty.

  2. Our town had it's fireworks show on June 24, and almost every night has been boomy since then! Of course the 4th was crazy; the noise kept up until after midnight. Our kitty Angel hides under the dresser, but Chuck has learned to ignore it all mostly. The outside cats just stay hidden in the gardens, but they come out when I bring kibble!

  3. I am so glad that my cats care not about loud noises.


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