Sunday, July 17, 2016

Local Color

Well, I tried. But it's still October here in Old New Yorker Land. Where did the weekend go?

We caught a great sunset along the Charles. I did nothing to alter the color of these photos but they remind me of an old trick I of mine — shooting a sunset through the lens of my sunglasses.

Yesterday we saw an amazing condo with a walled garden that would be ideal for the cats. The parlor floor had enough original 19th-century detail to satisfy me (although I missed the pocket doors and the wall that once held them). The basement level was less my style but was intelligently designed and overlooked the garden. Unfortunately, it's on Mass. Ave. and only a couple of blocks from the epicenter of "Methadone Mile." We found this timely Boston Globe feature on our laptops' home pages as soon as we came in from the open house. 

We've done reconnaissance on that block before; this isn't the first time we've loved an apartment there. We've gone there at different times of day and hung around, watching and listening. We've also checked the crime maps: there are enough shootings, robberies, and assaults in the vicinity for us to  know we wouldn't feel safe coming and going. There is also constant, noisy traffic — huge trucks heading to and from the Interstate, ambulances racing to the hospital — but it doesn't feel protective, just loud and wearing. I'm sure plenty of nice people live comfortably around there, but I guess we've lived in our relatively safe Back Bay bubble for too long to be up for that adventure.

Oh, well. At least we saw a lovely apartment. If it had been anywhere else, it would have been far out of our price range and we'd have missed it.


  1. Our first apartment together was a 676 Mass Ave in a building that looks fairly similar to that one. Our decor was not so fancy and it was just one floor. We were adopted by our formerly-feral cats there.

    You'd be pretty close to Flour there too.

  2. Bummer about finding a great place, but in the wrong neighborhood!


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