Friday, July 1, 2016

Postcards from Maine: Thuya and Asticou Gardens

While the lupines are in bloom in June, most of the gardens in Maine are waiting for July or August to peak. We went up to Thuya Lodge anyway. A sign at the base of the trail describes the climb as 200 vertical steps and 200 feet but I counted and it was closer to 180 steps. There are views of Northeast Harbor as you ascend:

Here's a shot of the stepped, gravelly trail up to the lodge and garden:

Most of the flower beds are just getting started. In a few weeks they will be filled with tall, old-fashioned annuals and perennials of all kinds, with helpful labels. They use local seafood fertilizer with awesome results.

This allium was showing off against a chartreuse shrub:

Heliotrope is already blooming. I smelled it before I saw it; I always associate the scent with ladies in 19th-century novels:

We went to the little pond to see if there were frogs. A family with two kids was there, and the little boy announced that he'd spotted a frog. I told him that there were seven the last time we were there, and together we managed to find six:

The boy was eager to catch them and I had to mention to the parents that Thuya's staff prefers that the frogs not be disturbed. This was a new concept for them but they understood and made their child get out of the water.

There were raucous rhododendrons and azaleas, worth the trip by themselves:

Having seen those, we walked to the Asticou Azalea Garden down the road, figuring there'd be color there, too. But it was mostly over, as it is every June by the time we arrive. We should come up in May.

One patch of color:

There were still some blooms along this little waterway:

The garden will be lush but only green when we return in August.


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