Friday, July 29, 2016

Seen Around the Neighborhood

I loved watching this couple in the Public Garden:

On a beautiful spring afternoon we often see newlyweds posing y by the Lagoon.We often don't give them a second glance anymore. But this bride looked so simple and perfect that I had to snap a photo. After I saw her in that short, pretty dress and those classic pumps, with the flowers in her hair, every other bride seemed to be wearing a parade costume and trying too hard. This is style. 

I took this photo around the same time, in May:

It was early evening, and the Public Garden was filled with prom-goers from what seemed to be a very diverse and possibly international high school. This girl and that dress were made for each other. As I passed her, I noted that that jeweled back looked even better up close than at a distance. 

Keeping with this red/white theme, there was this:

We don't have Romans at the farmer's market every day. I never knew that Romans carried backpacks and stored produce in them.

We see plenty of gladiator sandals, of course, but not on men in tunics. And you probably didn't know that Romans had cell phones.

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  1. Wow.. that red prom dress.. yes, made for each other.. I agree. I wonder what it looked like from the front.


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