Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hey, It's August

Autumn will be here soon, so I'm holding on and staying positive. For my academic husband, August 1 marks the unofficial beginning of fall; he's already muttering about classes and faculty meetings and increasing demands on his time. But he loves teaching. Whatever.

My journey through Old New Yorker Land is plodding along. Now it's April, but December and January dragged on for a long time. I'm only that far ahead because I'd read a bunch of winter issues in the hot tub in Maine last June. My goal is to have only summer issues to read when we head back up there in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I would really like to meet the cat, or cats, responsible for this sofa:

We spotted it down the street from us this weekend, a testament to the relentless dedication of a superlative set of claws. The sofa owner's tolerance (or perhaps "learned helplessness") is impressive, too.

I admit that we could use a new slipcover or two as well as some reupholstering around here, but THAT is staggering. Do they have a bobcat?


  1. My guess is that a dog did that work! A hyper, easily upset and left at home too long dog.

  2. Gosh, really? Dogs do THAT? But I do love my bobcat theory. I haven't heard anything barking or seen anyone being walked from that house.

  3. Yup, My thought was a dog.. but I like your bobcat theory too, except for the idea of a bobcat in an apartment in Boston..


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