Friday, August 26, 2016

Postcards from Maine: Popovers

This trip was unusual in that we didn't have popovers at the Jordan Pond House, a long-standing tradition for my husband that goes back to his childhood. We feared that the restaurant's parking lots would be so full of Centennial visitors that we'd have to park along the road somewhere in New Hampshire, or maybe even Canada. We didn't mind taking a break from the JPH because we had a great alternative.

A week earlier, in Boston, I made three reservations for lunch at the Asticou Inn, where they serve popovers and other nice things on a sunny terrace with a view of the grounds and Northeast Harbor:

The restaurant is managed by the Acadia Corporation, which also ran the Jordan Pond House for decades, until an out-of-state company made a low bid and won the contract a few years ago. Prices went up, the menu changed, and we felt the quality went down. We feel Asticou makes better popovers, and that — and their homemade lemon curd and wild blueberry jam — is worth missing the JPH view of the Bubbles.

It's clear to me that wild blueberry jam and lemon curd (and butter) are superior to strawberry jam (and butter). You can get all of them and more at Asticou. You can get chocolate sauce, for crying out loud. (And why didn't we?)

I'm including the photo below as documentation that we ate a vegetable (or two) on this trip:

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