Friday, August 26, 2016

Postcards from Maine: Ship Harbor Walk

We decided to get Walking in Nature out of the way on our first morning in Southwest Harbor, so we could lounge by the pool with impunity for the rest of our stay. We drove on Ship Harbor, a short but beautiful hike/walk in Acadia National Park. 

Because it's the park's centennial this year, there are many more visitors than usual, especially on the livelier side of the island, where the bigger mountains and lakes and the majority of trails and carriage roads are, as well as the bustling town of Bar Harbor. 

Ship Harbor is on the "quiet side" of the island, not far from our inn. The little parking lot was full when we arrived but we were the first car to park along the road. 

The trail starts off woodsy but soon there are water views and then ledges, granite coastline, and pebbly beach areas. The weather was perfect, the water was sparkly, and we were happy to be doing our duty as "rusticators," as 19th-century visitors to the island were called.

Evergreens and the ocean, a great combination:

I would love to grow ferns, but some people in my house would eat them.

I will get out my guidebooks and identify this yellow mushroom. I believe it's common and not poisonous but I still kept my distance because I am an entirely ignorant mycologist:

The views from the Ship Harbor trail are very rewarding considering the effort is minimal:

The rocks can be slippery when wet, but we didn't have any trouble and we were in sandals. (We alway walk the easy trails in inappropriate footwear. I wish I liked hiking boots but I don't. I'd rather be barefoot on rocks.)

The tide was coming in and the waves were bigger and noisier than we expected.

I'm only noticing now, in these photos, how variable and dramatic the sky was that day, varying from sunny to moody and back again.

Had enough Nature? We did. And besides, it was time for popovers.

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