Monday, August 29, 2016

Postcards from Maine: This and That

Let's admire some of the homemade offerings next to the cash register at Gott's Store in Southwest Harbor:

I resisted all of that high-powered yum only because I was already weighed down with a slab of carrot cake. (Cakes, pies, and puddings are in the fridge section.) 

Check out this hilarious homemade musical commercial for Gott's. It made me laugh and then it made me desperate to go back there. They are open from 2:30 am to 11 pm, so if we left now, we could have cake for breakfast. ("Or crab rangoon in a wonton shell...")

I also miss the pool. Those are my footprints heading into the hot tub. Sigh.

I didn't see a really great pink sunset in Southwest Harbor, but at least there was this:

Proof that we got off our duffs another time and drove into Bar Harbor. That is Bar Island across the way. At low tide a sandbar stretches right across the harbor so people can walk to the island, hence the town's name. (Some friends thought it was named for its quantity of drinking establishments. No.)

I use the ladder to the loft in our bungalow as shelves. You can see my trusty "travel iron," the green spray bottle, which usually goes to Europe with us but came to Maine by accident. I mist wrinkled clothes and hang them in the bathroom when we shower. Mostly we just look rumpled, which is fine in Maine unless we are going to an art show or a fancier dinner. And yes, I packed an owl. And there is a stack of New Yorkers.

It is finally early June in Old New Yorker Land. A long May article on trigger warnings and other political over-correctness on college campuses was so annoying that it took me a solid week to get through it. And now I'm in the fiction issue.

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