Sunday, August 28, 2016

Postcards from Maine: Thuya Lodge

We always feel at home in Thuya Lodge, Joseph Curtis's simple home in Northeast Harbor. My husband has been visiting it since the 1960s, so he often look for his family's signatures in the guestbooks from those years. The house, like Acadia National Park, is celebrating its centennial this year. The old guestbooks had been temporarily removed for unknown reasons, but they are supposed to reappear. It's alway nice to talk to the docents, who don't give tours but serve as welcoming, informed hosts. Some have been volunteering for decades.

It's a comfortable but elegant summer house, and the upstairs rooms are filled with old books about gardening, plants, Maine, and similar subjects. We like to browse; on this trip I looked at decorating advice books from the 1920s. Usually I settle down with the mushroom guides.

The house is well decorated with garden flowers at this time of year:

And there was a real butterfly lying on a coaster in the kitchen:

Books in Curtis's study:

As we make our way back down the hilly, wooded path to the road, we can see sparkly views of Northeast Harbor:

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