Monday, August 22, 2016

Postcards from Maine . . .

. . . will be arriving soon. I thought I'd post at least a little while we were up there, but I never unpacked my laptop. I ignored it for a whole week, and that was surprising and nice! I confess I still spent plenty of time using my phone in similar ways. Still, it was a good break from a routine I don't cherish, and freed up extra time for poolside fun, chatting, wandering, and enjoying Mount Desert Island. I also confess that, despite many hours spent reading in the steaming hot tub, it's still only May 31 in Old New Yorker Land. I squeezed every particle of information and entertainment out of each damp, limp issue.

After all the fur is vacuumed off the carpets and the laundry is folded, I'll have some photos and stories.


  1. Always hard to get back to normal after a wonderful time away! Even when there are sweet kitties to welcome you back.

  2. Good for you. although it does make getting back into your day to day life a little bit harder... at least it does for me


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