Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Voting with their Feet

Our local pet-supply store, Fish + Bone, is selling these political toys in dog and cat sizes. They are made by a start-up called FUZZU. If they look familiar to you cat people out there, it's because some of the company's founders came from Fat Cat, which used to make the Vet Victim, a similar human figure that was a hit with our previous crew of cats, back around 2000, and a number of other political-figure toys, including Bill Clinton in short-shorts. I think the same designer created these.

The toys are made in Vermont. We wanted Hillary the most, OF COURSE. But she sold out before we had a chance to get her, and now she is back-ordered. I am trying to view this as a good sign.

As you can see, Toffee was a little alarmed by his options. 

Harris was more explicit:


  1. It is good that your cats aren't afraid to express their opinions

  2. Cute! I still have the original Fat Cat Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton toys from years ago :) I'll have to look for these new politcal cat toys the next time I go to the pet store.

  3. I LOVE Fat Cat toys...was so happy to have found the Tailchasers at Chewy.com! As much as I don't get political, having one of these Donald toys around would be hysterical, just for that mop of hair alone!


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