Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Prospect on Beacon Street

I spotted this fine feline in a parlor window on Beacon Street the other day:

I think Possum and some of our other cats would like to make a new friend, especially if the friend went home well before suppertime rather than moving in permanently. (Five is plenty.) All the Back Bay dogs know each other but the cats all stay indoors and keep to themselves. While the cats certainly shouldn't be roaming the streets unescorted, it might be nice if they could pay each other social calls once in a while.

I think Possum, Harris, and Toffee might enjoy visiting this cat and inspecting its apartment even more than hosting him/her as a guest. (Wendy and Lion are introverts.)

Our cats would quickly discover that this cat has much to learn. They would get busy coaching. "You need to eat those plants," Harris would say, "Even if they're plastic, you can at least pick them up and throw them on the floor. That's what teeth are for. And why is that duck still upright? You have so much potential here."

"A TABLE LAMP?" Toffee would exclaim. "You let your people have a TABLE LAMP! With a  SHADE? Is that base BREAKABLE?? We need to knock that over right now and see how it breaks. My people never dared to have a lamp that wasn't all metal. That thing needs durability testing right away!"

Possum would be busy investigating for treats left lying unattended on the floor or in dark corners.

I can foresee my cats going  into business, making house calls to other Back Bay cats to show them how to make the most of their decor. Or, I should say, the least. I suppose what they do is more like "interior undecorating,"


  1. That's a cute cat :) Have you been to the new cat cafe on Newbury St? It's basically a cat shelter disguised as an attraction / cafe, IMO. All of the cats at the cat cafe are available for adoption but given the location of the cafe, I doubt many of the cats will be adopted by locals who are probably not even aware that a cat cafe exists in Boston.

    1. Hi there! How did I not know about this??? I will check it out soon! Thank you!

  2. They are totally invited to come tell me how to live my life :)

  3. Sometimes I wonder if my friendly ferals look at our home cats (or vice versa) and wonder what the heck are they doing in there/out there? I also read the comment above: I didn't know there was a cat cafe in Boston!


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