Sunday, September 4, 2016


I've always assumed my spirit animal was a cat but I was wrong.

It's a brownie. Frosted, with nuts, from the center of the pan. I don't worship nuts in a brownie, but your spirit animal picks you and not the other way around. I've made my peace with it. Nuts are good.

I'm not sure how my spirit animal will rescue me if I'm ever in some dire Harry Potter situation that requires a Patronus to fight for me, but if a brownie magically appears, sitting on a pretty plate, during a more mundane crisis that would be all right. It would be more than all right if a glass of milk appeared with it. Together those two fix many problems and cure many ills. And it would be better than having some magical cat appear on the scene, because we have more than enough of those already.


  1. well the dementors don't like chocolate.. wait.. no.. chocolate helps you recover from a dementor.. um.. okay... brownies.. who doesn't like brownies? bad guys like brownies too and will go chasing after said floating brownie for a bite..


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