Monday, September 12, 2016

Don't Try This at Home: Colorful Kitchens

There's something to be said for property owners who defy their realtors, ignore the law about "neutralizing" interiors, and put their places on the market au naturel. While colorful rooms are often a refreshing contrast to the countless interiors that get so drabbed-down that it's hard to tell if they were shot in black-and-white, sometimes it's obvious that buyers are going to be turned off. (All photos are via

Take this kitchen, for example. The colors must have been inspired by a pack of Starbursts, while the checkerboard floor holds its own against all the excitement on the walls. 

The people selling the house pictured below enjoy strong colors, too, but limit themselves to one wall color per room, thank god:

Admirable restraint, wouldn't you say? This is probably the only turquoise kitchen you'll ever see with equally bright yellow accents. Their entry hall is lime green, as you can see in the first photo. People entering this house instantly find out what they are in for.

The culmination is this bedroom, where color covers the ceiling, too. I can't imagine wanting a bright red bedroom but then I can't imagine wanting any bright red room. (Pompeian Red, maybe. Not this.)

Decorators usually tell us that red is the wrong choice for a bedroom because it's so energizing that it can make sleep difficult. I don't know about that; we wouldn't see the walls with the lights off and the room-darkening shades pulled down. But waking up to this much primary red could be startling. It's so strong it's abrasive —  even hostile.

But there's an appropriate place for every color (a place for screaming turquoise paint is inside a closet). Look at how the red fireplace wall livens up this Back Bay condo:

I'd call this a happy apartment, full of someone's personality and charm. I will take this over typical beige-and-gray staging any day. I have trouble imagining myself in generic, neutral interiors because that's not how I live. I can better picture myself living here. I would repaint that red wall to match the rest, and then I could bring in my own furniture.

It's been so long since I've seen hanging plants in windows that I first thought they were some kind of floppy abstract sculpture.


  1. I seriously love how you turn a phrase! (you also have a typo in this post)

    1. Oh, honey, there were half a dozen. Thank you!


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