Thursday, September 29, 2016

Happy Gotcha Day, Wendy

Miss Wendelina Pantherina arrived seven years ago today. Not long after that, I became Evil Mommy, a title I never expected to have bestowed upon me. (And, believe me, I didn't earn it.)

I'm not giving up. Friends tell me that their unaffectionate, skittish, feral cats sometimes warmed up after ten years or more of running and cringing. So I'm going to give Wendy many more years to come around. She's a calico, so she'll probably need a very long time.

Tonight she joined us at the dinner table, deigned to sniff my fingers for traces of roast chicken, and cringed when her nose came too close to my skin.

Meanwhile she has become very interested in my husband's left armpit. He is generally not Evil Daddy when he's sitting in that chair, so she will burrow her nose into his armpit when he's petting her. It's the only time she voluntarily touches either of us, so I guess it's a big deal, progress, a breakthrough of sorts. Oh, boy!

Sigh. Patience.


  1. Happy Gotcha day, Wendy! Patty O'Malley is fascinated with armpits; he nosed up The Hubby's the other day, much to The Hubby's surprise! I never EVER thought that Sweetie would get within five feet of me outside, but she now allows me to pet her, and even give her smooches...then she runs away. I started on her in 2009. Progress! Don't dismay; Wendy loves you, and she'll show it more soon.

  2. Hopefully one day she'll be all up in your face screaming at you to pat her and you'll wonder why you wanted that because you are half asleep and you don't really want to wake up yet - oh wait.. that's me.


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