Friday, September 23, 2016

Our Cats Are in the Paper

The packing paper, that is. Our favorite Arm & Hammer cat litter arrives from Amazon these days in 60-pound loads because all the local Star and Shaw's supermarkets stopped carrying the unscented variety. Scented cat litter is an abomination to cats and sensible humans alike. The 20-pound cartons come in two big boxes, both packed with long swathes of packing paper for reasons unknown to me, since a crumpled paper won't prevent a 20-pound carton of cat litter from shifting around inside a box.

But the cats love the paper, so we don't mind the mess it makes in our living room or the racket they make jumping in it at night. 

In gratitude, everyone stopped playing long enough to sit for their portraits:






The cats often play hide and seek, attacking each other in the paper. They also like to chase toys around underneath it, but the best thing is rolling the lighted ball around in the Turbo StarChaser while it's partially covered with paper. While they rarely tire of that toy, hiding it under paper makes it even more fascinating. 

Here's Toffee, worrying that we think he's having more fun than is good for him:

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