Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sleeping Party 1: Possum and Toffee

On a late summer afternoon, sleeping cats are a peaceful sight; two (or more) cats sleeping together are even better. They are a natural tranquilizer. I'm often tempted to curl up between them and sometimes I do.

The sight of Toffee stretched out, showing his colorful belly fur, is interesting from all angles:

Possum often sleeps with at least one foot in the air:

If I watch long enough, he'll stir, stretch, scrunch his back legs up toward his belly, and then relax again, his feet slowly drifting back into sleeping position.

A massive gut rehab of a house two doors down from us will be beginning soon. (A second house will be gut-rehabbed on our corner at the same time.) Construction in Boston is legally permitted between 7 am and 4 pm. I estimate it will take more than a year. They are going to excavate the back yard down to six feet to replace the sewer line, and in the process they will cut down two tall, shady old trees — one's a linden that fills the alley with its sweet, heavy scent every spring. We're going to miss those enormous trees. And the quiet.


  1. sleeping kitties always makes me sleepy.. even seeing someone else's sleeping cats


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