Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Dress

In case you're new here, I'm not an impulse shopper. I'm picky and frugal, and I hate to pay for shipping. I wait for sales. But when I saw this dress during Anthropologie's recent 20%-off promotion I stepped out of character and ordered it despite the shipping fee that ate up a chunk of the savings.

I ordered it late Sunday night and it arrived yesterday afternoon, so I've forgiven Anthro for the $13 shipping fee. And the dress is even nicer in person than in the photo, elegant, substantial, and flattering. The fabric is crinkled, similar to Fortuny pleats, but the skirt is full, not clingy. And I love the color and the low back, which isn't too low:

I'm even starting to like those gold pumps:

I thought the heels were too chunky and high at first but they are growing on me; I really like the simple shape of the shoe from the front, then the surprise of the heel. I initially thought the heels were tortoiseshell, which would be very cool, but I think they are actually covered in glitter. 

Whatever they are, they are not on the Anthro website and I'm probably still too cheap to spring for them anyway.  My old wedding shoes look great with it — Ferragamo T-straps in bronze kidskin, with narrow toes, skinny straps, and French heels. They cost me a whopping $13.12 in the original Filene's Basement . . . 19 years ago. Those were the days, when a dedicated bargain hunter could turn up astonishing finds.

For me, dressing up is often a struggle but I think I've solved that problem for a while. 


  1. Very pretty dress! It's always fun when you strike gold; it's like the gods have given you a gift.

  2. it is always a good day when something you buy online is even better in person


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