Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Don't Try This at Home: Indecision

We had an excellent time in Maine despite one very rainy day. You will soon find some postcards here, as usual, including some prized ones from Searsport, illustrating an adventure we had in my favorite decrepit old house.

Postcards always take a little time to arrive so, in the meantime, let me distract you with a colorful new real-estate listing in Needham.

Feast your eyes:

 Both photos: Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage - Natick

I believe this is the master bedroom. (I confess that I am pretty much at a loss here, so if you have any theories to explain this room, please write me a comment.) It seems to me that the couple who lives here has either mastered the art of compromise in the extreme — or failed at it completely. Both parties have either sacrificed their aesthetic sensibilities to make each other happy or they have no taste at all in some amazingly compatible way . . . or some of both.

And now I am out of theories to explain the colorful crime scene in this room. Unless this couple is colorblind.

Upon further reflection, I do have one more thought. Did you share your childhood bedroom with a sibling? If so, you may remember that you had — sometimes, if not always — a dividing line in that room that was either real (drawn in chalk, marked with string, etc.) or imaginary ("Touch my dresser and You Will Die!"). Through the practice of this domestic form of trench warfare, children gain a deeper, very personal understanding of centuries of international conflict.

At least I did. And to this day I consider Switzerland a stinking sissy.

Anyway, that could be what's going on here. But neither warring party should have agreed to paint the woodwork green and white. That is nuts.

My theory on the woodwork, given the evidence provided by the carpet, is that the whole room was originally green and white, or possibly pink and white with green trim. But this couple got into a[nother] huge fight over painting the woodwork. ("Turquoise!" shouted one. "No, red!" screamed the other.)

What a pity, after they'd struggled so mightily to reach this creative consensus on wall colors. Notice the sponged effects at the color borders, a wistful attempt to make these colors harmonize.

Let's hope they just ran out of steam and decided to move rather than destroy each other over the trim color(s). Or maybe the paint store banned them from the premises, given what went on during their orange-purple decision-making process.


  1. Here's another theory: they have a friend/child/co-worker who is trying to break-out as an artisanal house painter! I wouldn't want to buy this house, because I'd have to paint EVERYTHING.

  2. It reminds me of the fairies in Sleeping Beauty fighting over what color Aurora's dress should be.

  3. You can just sit still and the room will spin around you withut any effort on your part!

  4. I think you've stumbled onto a "Mood Ring" room in mid-mood-swing....

  5. Have you seen this rare gem? A bit of a hike from where you are looking... http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/24-Brentwood-Dr-Avon-CT-06001/59011376_zpid/?fromHomePage=true

    1. Oh, yes! And I wonder if you saw this:


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