Friday, October 28, 2016

Happy 4th Gotcha Day, Harris!

Harris is our self-declared Most Important Cat. When another cat is claiming our attention, Harris makes a flurry of an entrance into the room, worthy of a member of the corps of the Boston Ballet. Then he pauses for a moment in a graceful pose, as ballerinas do, so we can admire him. Then he proceeds to insert himself between us and the other cat.

Because he believes that we would always want to be giving him attention, not some lesser creature.

Let's celebrate the vastness of a certain feline ego with a stack of baby photos from 2012. Even as a baby, Harris knew what to do in front of a camera, having been trained at Miss Robin's School of Modeling, an affiliate of Kitten Associates, the shelter he came from.


  1. Harris, you were an adorable kitten, and now a very handsome (and floofy!) mancat! Happy Gotcha Day!

  2. Happy Gotcha Day!! I must come visit sometime soon


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