Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Happy Birthday, Lion

Lion turned 3 yesterday, or thereabouts. He was born outside, in Maine, so we can't be sure. 

To celebrate the occasion, his foster mother, Connie, sent me this 2013 link to her Tails from the Foster Kittens blog about his arrival in her kitten room. When he and his siblings came, they were already big enough for adoption but were skittish and "all fur and bone," so her job was to fatten them up and nurture them to become confident, friendly kittens before they went their future homes.

She succeeded very well with Lion, aka "The Cowardly Lion." Lion is sweet, playful, chatty, and affectionate, but he tends to be nervous, and I think it's his nature. I don't think that could ever change very much. He likes a quiet home, a set routine, and a secret hiding place. He hides when he sleeps during the day, rather than lolling around on the bed or a chair like the others. I think he's often under the sofa, but I'm not sure. He doesn't want to be found so I don't look for him.

He has strong likes and dislikes — in his worldview everything is black and white, just like him.

Lion's round eyes look innocent, nervous, owlish, or scared, depending on his mood.

He doesn't like strangers, or shoes and boots when we wear them in the house. He hates the vacuum cleaner even more than I do. He hates trips to the vet even more. He hides when he knows we are going on a trip; we can never find him to say goodbye. He also dislikes being cornered and will flail and fight to get free. Yet, every other night, he lets my husband gather him up to have his teeth brushed and claws trimmed. Lion lies docilely in his arms as I do thing that would make other cats go ballistic. Lion seems to believe in personal care.

He can be adventurous: he's the only cat interested in trying almost any food I offer. I consider this a sign of intelligence and trust. He will eat any kind of cheese and many vegetables, from corn-on- the-cob to lettuce. He is also our most skilled hunter. He knows how to hold the string on a pole toy against the floor while he has the toy in his mouth, so I can't pull it away so easily. He knows how to "worry" or shake the toy to break its imaginary neck. And then he clamps it tightly in his mouth, puts his ears back, and triumphantly drags me around the house by the string.

He is so clever that he has us wrapped around his paw. He is demanding, waking me up every morning with meows, nose-kisses, face-washing, and biscuit-making. When I come into the living room, he is waiting on the back of our velvet chair, which is as close as he can get to my face, meowing so I will fuss over him and let him and his pals chase a pole-toy.

He is confident, fierce, and hugely affectionate — when he wants to be. In other words, he is a cat. Happy birthday, Lion!


  1. A beautiful tribute to Lion, who is quite the good-looker! Happy Birthday, handsome boy!

  2. Awww!! Happy Birthday Lion :) looks like youre keeping those pumpkins very safe! Thanks for sharing with us.


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