Monday, October 31, 2016

It's Halloween

I hope you had fun. Here, Halloween was better for some of us than for others.

Some of us had several of the new "Crispy" Snickers bars and called it dinner.

One of us was happy to wear her beloved witch costume for a few hours. That would be me. I feel very at home in those clothes. When I decided to be a witch for a Halloween event a couple of years ago, I found I already had everything I needed for a great costume — a fitted black velvet top with outrageous leg-o-mutton sleeves. A long, sweeping, black damask skirt. Suitable boots, jewelry, shawls, and even a warm coat. All I was missing was a hat. I bought a big velvet one with a wired brim, and trimmed it with a cluster of old brooches.

As a witch, I walk my neighborhood with a stern expression, and I get respect. Sometimes I wish we could move to Salem and buy an old house. There are many wonderful and affordable houses there, unlike here. And I could dress as a witch whenever I wanted and no one would bat an eye.

Tonight as I dressed, it occurred to me that the last woman in this house  struggling to button her very tight bodice while trying not to trip over her ankle-length skirt was probably Dr. Sabine. She wore Edwardian clothing, or reasonable facsimiles, well into the 20th century, probably right up until she died in 1950. I suppose many Boston ladies of her era did so. She thought ankle-length skirts made her look taller. I think she had a point.

But I digress. (Soon I will tell you what the Sabines were doing on October 31, 1916. I just happened to read about it today — a day they never forgot.)


Not everyone feels as I do about witch hats. Every Halloween we try to persuade the cats that they look fabulous wearing witch hats. And they strongly disagree.

This year, our most cooperative — "most" and "cooperative" being very relative terms — model was Possum. His ever-expressive eyes speak volumes in these photos:


"Go ahead, make my day."

"Just kill me now..."


  1. So. Cute!!! I just want to squeeze his cheeks!


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