Saturday, October 29, 2016

October Afield

Since October is my favorite month, I've been pretty successful at nagging my husband to stop working for a few hours on a weekend to go outside to enjoy it with me. To me, cold air is a blessing after the long, miserable summer. The flannel sheets and an extra quilt are on the bed, and I'm happy to be reunited with my sweaters, coats, and boots. 

The rain we've had recently is a blessing, too. I've been volunteering to water some of the young trees on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall a couple of time a week, and that ends in October, so the rain we had last week came just in time to keep me from feeling guilty about my tree children.

We went apple picking at a farm near Fitchburg on a bright, chilly day. We are still stocked with apples two weeks later:

One of my favorite fall colors is the cinnamon-sugar brown of cider donuts. The farmer in Fitchburg is a friend of the friends were with, and he loaded us all down with extra bags after we watched him make them.

It's good to get far away from the city even for a few hours, to get some fresh air, quiet, and perspective:


  1. Apples are my favorite fruit! Chucky will lick an apple core (once I remove the seeds!) and his raspy tongue against the apple makes a great sound.


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