Saturday, October 15, 2016

Postcards from Maine: Pumpkins, Pooches & . . .

Whenever we stop in Wiscasset, we see this dignified dog keeping an eye on Main Street from the steps of his owner's shop.

On Main Street in Southwest Harbor, we saw a fine display of pumpkins. The carvers were working on them as we drove in on Friday, preparing for the weekend's Octoberfest. This one shows the famous Mount Desert Rock Lighthouse:

A topographical map of the island, complete with some of the major roads:

Acadia National Park's Centennial logo:

We met this sociable guy on the Shore Path in Bar Harbor:

And it wouldn't be a Mount Desert Island vacation without at least one popover. (So I had four.)


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  1. I love popovers

    Did you see this?


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