Thursday, October 13, 2016

Postcards from Maine: A Ship Harbor Walk

Mount Desert Island had plenty of colorful leaves on display last weekend, but most of the trees hadn't changed yet. Along the coast, most of the trees are evergreens, so the landscape changes were more subtle — blueberry bushes and other shrubs were turning orange and red, and we noticed lots of colorful berries. The best color seemed to be along the roadways rather than the coast.

So the chilly breeze was the most obvious sign of fall during our Ship Harbor walk, one of the few we were able to take in Acadia National Park, since it had rained the whole day before. The wind off the water was nippy and relentless, giving us a little taste of what winter there must be like. 

It was a sparkly day with choppy waves, a bright sky, and fast-moving clouds:

The trail was still wet in places and we had to make our way around mud puddles. But the trail quickly leads to the sea, where the views are a big reward for a very small effort.

Mushrooms were growing everywhere in the rich, mossy soil around the evergreens:

Brilliant clusters of berries hanging from a tree:



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