Friday, October 7, 2016

The Morning Show

We are off to a long weekend in Southwest Harbor today, where I look forward to seeing the fall color in addition to some of our pals. I already made a dinner reservation at my favorite place, Sips Café, just down the road from the inn.

We will miss the cats. I've been getting some interesting tableaux on the sofa as I drink my tea in the morning. Here's Toffee, who always looks good upside down:

He sprawled alongside Possum the other day, which was unusual since they aren't always the closest of buddies. Notice how they both look utterly exhausted — flattened, really — from the exertion of eating their breakfast:

More when I return. Have a fun and relaxing weekend!


  1. You are right! It's like they used up all of their energy to consume the meal; now have to recharge on the couch. Such lovely floofiness!

  2. that last photo is the very definition of man-spreading ;)


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