Saturday, November 19, 2016

Cat Food Crisis: Update

1. All five cats are fine, although Lion didn't eat his supper again last night. He ate his breakfast with gusto this morning, however. Before and afterward, he woke me up for attention several times as I tried to sleep in this morning.

2. Primal's customer service rep called in the afternoon, after I'd left three messages with their automatic voicemail and even tried to get a live human via their shipping/receiving number, which went to voicemail, too. (The company is in California so I imagine they all go surfing on Fridays. Or maybe they do team-building group therapy; it's California and no one's answering the phone. I was out when they called so I didn't get an explanation.) They told my husband that they use iron granules as a dessicant, which are non-toxic.

3. By that time, I had already stopped freaking out because a wise, scientifically trained reader here had written to tell me that the little fang-pierced packet probably held charcoal or iron, so not to worry. (Thank you again!) By then, I was off at a CPR class, happily learning how to smack unconscious people about the shoulders, whack babies on the back, pound on sternums, rip hair off men's chests, and save lives.

4. It doesn't inspire confidence when a company customer service line goes directly to voicemail and the message informs you in calm, mellow tones that your call will be returned "at our earliest possible convenience." When I worked in customer service, responding to complaints and questions was never convenient. It was my job, and a job by definition is not something you do at your conveniences. You do it because you're supposed to, and you do it as soon as possible.

5. I think I might be turning into a cranky old lady. But with justification. More on that later.

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  1. I'm right there with you on the cranky part of dealing with csrs who don't value their customers


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