Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Connie Has Kittens! Part 1

Connie, of Tails from the Foster Kittens, has four gray kittens, three females and a male. They all have fish names: Trout, Guppy, Flounder, and Puffer. They all look so alike that it's easier to just refer to each one as "The Gray Kitten." They are all very sweet, confident, and friendly. They are also the most sedate kittens I have ever seen. They played and explored, and cuddled, and purred. But they did not wrestle ferociously or tear around chasing each other. They got along. Some kittens have worn me out just from watching them. These are far more mellow, and it's good. Very good.

We went to visit them for some kitten therapy last Saturday and here are some photos. Because we all need distractions on Election Night, I will post most even more photos shortly. 



  1. That second close up, especially, is just stunning.

  2. The gray of their fur is just sublime!

  3. So happy Connie put the link to come and see these photos. I am so in love with these four.


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