Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It's Always Turkey Time in Mount Auburn Cemetery

We always try to visit Mt. Auburn Cemetery in the fall. On a recent rainy Sunday visit, the trees weren't at their peak yet but the turkeys were. I counted eighteen. Luckily we were in the car, or they might have decided us to make us into their own version of turkey dinner. Turkeys are surprisingly big and intimidating. 

I don't think the cemetery's founders imagined that it would be this kind of bird sanctuary:

That said, I think wild turkeys are cool. Where else do we get to see them in all their glory aside from Thanksgiving decorations?



  1. Wow, the colors of the leaves and the turkey feathers! Lovely...well, for a cemetary...

  2. we occasionally get them walking through our yard.. it's always a spectacle when I see them, their not being well populated when I was growing up


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